Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use medical-grade chemicals to improve the appearance of the skin. Various chemical peels are available, each with a different strength and depth. A light or superficial chemical peel penetrates the skin's surface, while a strong or deep chemical peel penetrates the skin's deeper layers. Based on the intended purpose, such as acne versus sensitive skin, peels are formulated differently and can be tailored to your needs. Chemical peels are beneficial for all skin types and tones.
At Belev, we offer various types of chemical peels to meet the needs of our patients. It is impossible to find a chemical peel that fits every need. Commonly treated areas for Chemical Peels include the face, neck, and chest.

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Chemical Peels are perfect for


Using chemical peels, you can help revitalize and refresh your skin by exfoliating the top layers, which show signs of aging. Ultimately, you will have a more youthful complexion and fewer fine lines.
Applying a chemical solution to the skin removes the damaged outer layers, improving its overall appearance. As the skin grows back, it is softer and smoother.
Your skin condition and goals will determine the type of peel you need. During your consultation at Belev, we will determine the type of peel you need.
You may experience downtime depending on the type of peel you receive. Substantial peels do not require downtime, but medium peels may require 1-3 days. Downtime for deeper peels can range from 5-7 days.

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