A new month ahead

Good morning! A new month is ahead of us. Every morning when I rise up to a new day I consider the power of things to come.

This fact is centering for me and my “now” moment. We all have challenges, feelings, situations that harness their power over us. But I know one thing to be true and that is the power of a new day. Worship it and worship the sun‘s energy. Be joyful that your eyes feel it’s radiance.

For today, practice the sun breaths and the sun salutation. I will list them down below. The days are growing longer. So try to make some changes where you too can enjoy the radiance of the sun rise.

May you walk in peace as we head into a new month…Namaste.

Source: Saugutuck River @westportctgov

Find illumination from within with simple Sun Breaths. Here’s how to practice:

1. Begin in Mountain pose or in a comfortable seated position with the back upright and spine long. Relax your belly, then take five to 10 complete breaths, using your full lung capacity. Try to let each inhale and each exhale last around six counts.

2. Inhale, and slowly raise your arms out to the sides and overhead, bringing your palms together. Then exhale and slowly draw your palms down your midline until your thumbs rest at the center of your chest.

3. Integrate your movement and breath so that one full inhalation brings your arms all the way up and one complete exhalation takes your arms all the way down. With each breath, focus on filling and emptying your lungs completely.

4. Repeat this for several rounds. Then relax your body, soften your breath, and place one hand on your belly and the other hand on your chest. Feel for your heartbeat and connect with the warmth of your own internal flame.


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