Hello!! It gets hot in July

Hoping every one is looking to enjoy the beautiful weather ahead of us. Why do I love the heat? First, I was born and raise in the Southwest, the heat reminds me of home. Second, there are many benefits to hot temperatures. We do know that heat can destroy come cancer cells. Summertime also means Vitamin D. This vitamin works similarly to a hormone in that it helps to regulate our metabolism. My main point here is asking of you to enjoy the sun, enjoy summer and the warmer months. Heres a couple things to consider in the summer –

1. Stay Hydrated- drink 2-3 Litera of water daily

2. Wear sunscreen – a

Apply liberally, my favorite is Sun Bum for it’s easy access and low tox content.

3. Be with nature – go outside and explore your local track, parks, or head out for a walk on a trail. Check out the AllTrails App to find out where your local trails reside.

New offerings for the month of July

– all things intermittent fasting

– ask me about Botox! – needs labs we can talk about my new collaboration with Rupa Health

– let’s design a new you this summer!!

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